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Waste to Nightclub
Brooklyn Interlock

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The Virtual Hallway
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Hello, I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, focusing on architectural explorations—both visual and written.

In 2013, I graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a BFA in Graphic Design and a concentration in tactile arts, specifically printmaking and bookmaking. After practicing communications design for almost six years—largely identity branding, infographics, print, and web design—my desire to expand my design vocabulary led me to architecture, particularly the way it shapes the minutiae of our lives.

In 2021, I received an M.Arch from Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture.




These hybrid thresholds were created with photographs of existing doorways, windows, panes, columns, fencing, and other architectural facade elements with potential thruway between barriers (the inside vs the outside) around Brooklyn.

The stitching together of select elements blurs the spatial boundaries we are accustomed to and allows the viewer to reminagine an entryway or the difference between the foreground and background.